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Alfa Aesar offers a full range of precious metal salts and solutions manufactured to stringent specifications. Homogeneous catalysis provides an excellent choice where highly specific reactions are desired including chiral transformations. Our homogeneous catalysts can be used in a wide range of chemical transformations.

Supported (heterogeneous) precious metal catalysts are used in a variety of reactions including hydrogenation, oxidation, hydrogenolysis and isomerisation. Our line of heterogeneous catalysts are available in a variety of supports such as carbon, alumina silica calcium carbonate and barium sulfate.

Alfa Aesar offers also proprietary Johnson Matthey product lines, such as the FibreCat™ HiSPEC™ and VERTEC™ catalysts.

  • HiSPEC™ line of precious metal catalysts, provide superior performance in proton exchange membrane (PEM) and direct methanol fuel cells, for fuel cell research.
  • FibreCat™ catalysts are Johnson Matthey’s brand line of anchored homogeneous catalysts, anchored to a series of functionalised fibres, enabling them to be optimised for a wide range of reaction types.
  • VERTEC™ organo titanates are extremely effective and versatile catalysts for esterification reactions of all types.

These and many more products are available from our main catalogue and through our on-line, real-time catalogue via our website at

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