Cardiac Risk Prediction Array

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The Cardiac Risk Prediction Array utilizes Biochip Array Technology to offer simultaneous genotyping of 19 SNPs for a reliable CHD risk assessment. Combining such genotype information with common risk factors could allow individuals to be more accurately classified and preventative therapies and lifestyle advice can be targeted to those who require it most.

Randox has developed a rapid array which will allow all 18 SNPs to be genotyped simultaneously. Firstly, a multiplex PCR reaction is performed, where the products amplified correspond to the genotype of the patient sample. The PCR products are then hybridized onto the biochip array and imaged using the Evidence Investigator analyzer to identify which PCR products are present. Thus a patient sample can be genotyped within one day. The genotype information is then put into an algorithm which weights each SNP and calculates a CHD genetic risk score. The CHD genetic risk score is combined with common risk factors and an overall CHD risk score is calculated. A further important SNP which can predict response to particular statin therapies has been included in the array. Identifying patients with a higher risk of suffering statin-induced myopathy would allow clinicians to make more informed decisions when prescribing lipid lowering therapies.

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