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The Cardiac Array combines routine and novel early markers to give a clear picture of a patient’s cardiac status. It can be used in A&E settings as well as cardiac and medical wards to determine the diagnosis of Myocardial Infarction (MI), and assess future risk of cardiac events. A three year study with over 1000 patients confirmed the cardiac biochip to be 89% sensitive for MI diagnosis shortly after a cardiac event (3-6 hours), which constitutes a 20% increase in sensitivity against troponin alone. It also has the ability of ACS profiling and with a negative predictive value of 98% at 3-6 hours; it is a perfect rule out test for the emergency setting.


• Raised 30 minutes after event
• Peaks at 4-6 hours
• Highly sensitive
Troponin I
• Raised 4-6 hours after event
• Can remain elevated for 6-10 days
• Highly specific
• Raised 4-6 hours after event
• Can remain elevated for 3-4 days
• Highly specific