Captair® Toxicap® and Filtair® by Erlab DFS

Manufacturer Erlab DFS

Captair<sup>®</sup> Toxicap<sup>®</sup> and Filtair<sup>®</sup> by Erlab DFS product image
Captair® Toxicap® and Filtair®

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Two ranges of ductless filtering fume hoods designed for the handling of toxic chemicals

Captair® Toxicap® range: top of the line, for the handling of large quantities of chemicals. 4 models offering a high level of protection through 2 levels of filtration.

Captair® Filtair® and Captair® Filtair® XL ranges: for the handling of small to medium quantities of chemicals. 9 models offering an excellent level of protection through a single level of filtration. 3 models named Filtair® XL complete this range and are designed for handlings involving large size instrumentations and robots.

Instant set-up:
No installation cost; easy to set up, enclosures can be installed on the bench top and can become mobile with the optional mobicap TM rolling cart.

Safety of use:
While being completely ductless, both Captair® enclosure ranges offer a high level of protection by complying with the following most stringent safety standards:

• Filtration efficiency: AFNOR NFX 15-211 standard, both ranges respectively in class I (Toxicap®) and Class II (Filtair® & Filtair® XL).
• Containment efficiency: XPX 15 203, DIN 12 927 and BS 7258.
• Electrical Wiring: CE standard.

Ergonomic features:
• Front rounded edge worktop for comfortable forearms rest during manipulations
• Large door opening for easy enclosure access
• Slanted front and transparent sides allow for an optimum view of the work surface
• Back panel openings for the passage of electric, data, gas and water lines inside the enclosure
• Slide in slide out removable work surface with spill tray