Captair® Chem - Ductless mobile fume enclosures for the filtration of toxic gases

Manufacturer erlab DFS

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Erlab® group has developed a new generation of its toxicap® range of ductless filtering fume cabinets. These provide the best level of safety through filtration and a carefully engineered ergonomics.
Filtration safety:
Double filter for safety, pre-detection of the saturation of the main filter, automatic capture of possible seal leakage (trade patented), optimal safety guaranteed through the compliance with the AFNOR NF X 15-211 standard.

Filtration quality:
No polluted air released during the main filter lifetime, trade patented system to convert condensable vapours into gases retained by the filter (very high quality of the molecular filters), electrostatic pre filters.

Ergonomics of use:
Slanted front panel, high and low working apertures for ease of use during the manipulations, rounded arm rest for comfort of work in sitting position.

Comfort & equipment:
Very low sound level, efficient lighting, ease of use to open the front panel, side openings allowing easy access for energies and connections external to the enclosure. Integrated system to fix a mounting rack within the enclosure.

Compliance with the safety standards:
AFNOR NFX 15-211 filtration standard, electrical, electro-magnetic international standards and containment of the gases within the enclosure standard.