Captair® Bio PCR Workstation by Erlab DFS

Manufacturer Erlab DFS

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Captair® Bio PCR Workstation

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Erlab group, world leader with the captair™ ductless filtering fume enclosures, offers 2 PCR* cabinet models : the biocapdna and Biocaprna/dna.

Biocapdna, as a static unit, is designed for dna handlings involving an average sample contamination risk, while biocaprna/dna is particularly recommended for preparation of dna from rna involving a high sample contamination risk. A vertical laminar flow ( class 100) sweeps the enclosure and offers additional protection of the dna/rna samples against any contamination from the operator and from the environment.

A UV lamp, easy to clean and time-controlled, allows an efficient decontamination.

Biocap cabinets provide the optimum space to accommodate sample preparations, a mini centrifuge and a thermo-cycler. The door front opening has been carefully designed to offer an easy and comfortable access to the enclosure while insuring the highest possible product protection.