Capsealer for all Micronic capmats/strips

Manufacturer Micronic BV

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Sample integrity is a key requirement for long term storage of valuable samples, to guarentee the correct application of all Micronic tube-seals and capmats the Micronic capmatsealer is the edeal sealing mechanism.

The capmat sealer requires no installation and is simple to operate; any Micronic rack can be placed on the Capmatsealer with no requirement for adaptor or spacer blocks, one slide of the unique roller mechanism is all that is required to seal all 96 tubes perfectly. The capmat sealer also enhances users protection from the damaging effects of carpal tunnel syndrome, associated with repetitive manual procudures.

Designed to provide years of trouble free service the Micronic Capmatsealer is manufactured from the highest quality materials.

The Capmat sealer is easy to use, and will fit all Micronic caps and racks, ensuring total sample security and product compatability.