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Capillary Viscometers
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Innovative capillary viscometry – from the outset

The viscosity of Newtonian fluids can be most precisely determined using capillary viscometers. This method of measurement, measures the time taken for a defined quantity of fluid to flow through a capillary with a known diameter and known length. With the industrial production of such precisely calibrated capillary viscometers, we have created the conditions to enable this measuring method to establish itself worldwide as a reliable procedure.

With the development of the first automatic measuring systems, we replaced the stopwatch with automatic registration of the fluid at the start of the 1970’s. Since then, subjective measuring errors have been a thing of the past.

Further developments and improvements of viscometers, measuring instruments and accessories led to a range of products whose excellent performance is universally recognized. It is therefore no wonder that viscosity measurement systems from SCHOTT Instruments have become indispensable production control and quality insurance tools worldwide, whether in the mineral oil industry, for polymer manufacturers and processors, in the pharmaceutical or food industry.