CAMSIZER XT - Optical Particle Analyzer for Fine Powders

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The new CAMSIZER XT uses Dynamic Image Analysis to improve quality control of fine powders in a size range from 1 µm to 3 mm. The instrument provides precise and fast analysis of particle size and particle shape which helps to improve product quality, reduce rejects and save costs.

With fine, agglomerating samples it is difficult to record the properties of a single particle. Therefore, it is important to have various possibilities of feeding the sample to the analysis area to be able to find for each material the optimum between the desired dispersion of the agglomerates and the undesired destruction of the individual particle. The CAMSIZER XT offers three alternative dispersion methods: by gravity, by air pressure and in liquids. Thus it is possible to choose the optimum method for each sample type.

The new CAMSIZER XT is characterized by:

• Dynamic Image Analysis with wide measuring range from 1 µm to 3 mm
• Simultaneous determination of particle size and particle shape
• Sensitive detection of oversized and undersized particles

• Short measurement times from 1 to 3 min
• Measurement results 100% compatible to sieve analysis, if required
• Extensive reporting at the push of a button

• Modular design
• Dispersion options include air pressure, gravity and liquids
• Quick and easy change of measuring module

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CAMSIZER XT - Optical Particle Analyzer for Fine Powders

Manufacturer Retsch Technology GmbH

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