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CAMAG UV Lamp dual wavelength, 254/366 nm, 2x8 watt with stand. The stand holds the lamp in a position optimized for viewing 20x20cm objects. It shields off extraneous light on three sides. Objects up to 2mm thickness can be pushed through under the back screen. The lamp can be easily lifted off the stand and directed against a larger object when required.

Designed primarily for the TLC laboratory.

Either with a stand shielding out visible light on three sides, or in combination with a Viewing Box.

Dual wavelength, 254/366 nm

Key features of the CAMAG UV Lamp at a glance:

  • Two wavelengths, 254/366 nm
  • Two light tubes 8 W each
  • Shock resistant housing
  • Dimension 442 x 76 x 43 mm
  • Powered with 12 V AC from the mains adapter supplied with it or via an optional connecting cable from 12 V DC.
  • Instantaneous ignition without flickering and optimum light efficiency due to operation at 25-30 KHz AC.
  • Automatic switch off by timer after 10 min reduces the risk of exposure to radiation.

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