BX3 Series - Modular Microscope System

Modular upright microscope systems

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The Olympus BX3 series sets a new standard in upright clinical and research microscopy.

Due to its modularity the BX3 adapts to user requirements and applications even if they change over the years - an upright microscope system built by your needs. Olympus introduces the BX3 upright research microscope system, which delivers unmatched adaptability at all levels. Following on from the highly successful BX2 range, the BX3 systems provide users with a “blank canvas” to fully define their own working environment: from the microscope and imaging components to software workflows, GUIs and the positioning of the controls on the desktop. The manual BX53 frame offers complete system flexibility with optional coded and automated modules and the BX63 frame provides advanced automation as standard. As a result, the Olympus BX3 microscopes combine perfectly with imaging modules, cameras and the cellSens software programmes to enable users to build a system intimately designed to their specific needs.

Benefits of the Olympus BX3 Series Include:
  • Ultimate Flexability: Unique personalisible control concept providing the user with multiple options for managing the microscopy and imaging process
  • Ambidextrous: Choose where to place the controls, filters and fluorescence shutters regarding the centrally positioned control dial.
  • Illumination: As well as the standard halogen light source, the Olympus BX63 can be fitted with a novel true-colour LED system.
  • Fluorescence Champion: Olympus has introduced a new fluorescence illumination concept based around the unique fly-eye lens system, which provides unmatched homogeneity for fluorescence illumination, ensuring even illumination across the entire field of view, whatever the wavelength.
  • Automation:   An extensive range of motorisation components are also available for the BX53, including nosepiece, mirror turret, universal condenser, ND filter wheel and stage, enabling it to be precisely matched to the needs of the user and provide similar contrast management capabilities to the BX63.
  • Control and Coordination: The fully customisable control concept of the Olympus BX3 microscope systems continues seamlessly with the cellSens software, with personalisible tool placement and user-definable workflows.

The BX3 Series Includes:
  • Supports all common contrast methods
  • 8 Position fluorescence illuminator
  • Unique Fluorescence Illumination with fly-eye optics
  • Magnification and filter read-out
  • Upgradeable with motorised components
  • Ambidextrous operation
  • Eco mode

  • Most accurate motorised Z-drive
  • Highest stability due to fixed stage design
  • Highly precise ultra-sonic stage
  • Unique operational concept
  • Unmatched workspace personalisation
  • Full control via touch panel controlle
  • Detachable manual controller
  • Intuitive contrast management

  • True colour LED illumination
  • Light Intensity Manager
  • Various contrast methods
  • Magnification and filter read-out
  • Upgradeable with motorised components
  • Digital imaging platform

  • Unrivalled ergonomy
  • World's first tilting, telescopic, lifting tube
  • Ultra low fixed stage
  • True colour LED illumination
  • Light Intensity Manager
  • No condenser changes from 4x to 100x