BV200 automated multi-sample plasma viscometer by Benson Viscometers Ltd

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BV200 automated multi-sample plasma viscometer
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The BV200 automated multi-sampling plasma viscometer calculates the PV of samples within 30 seconds of the tube being detected by the system. It can process up to 180 samples, displays the PV on the local PC, and automatically makes the information available to the hospital computer system. 

For the busy laboratory, this load-and-walk-away system saves time and eliminates many manual errors. The automated bar code facility, 'through the cap' sample aspiration, and computerised results transmission removes the dependency on senior laboratory personnel.

The BV200 is the UK’s system of choice for plasma viscometry screening of all inflammatory conditions. 

• Fast turn-around time of 15 minutes from sample receipt to results, including centrifugation
• Direct sampling from primary blood tubes reducing the biohazard risks to personnel
• Uses sample tubes previously used on the full blood cound so eliminates the need for a additional blood samples
• Requires only 50 micro-litres of plasma
• Accommodates all leading blood collection tube manufacturers (Greiner, Becton Dickinson, Sarstedt)
• Load and walk away capacity from 1 to 180 patient samples
• Automatic barcode reading at time of test
• Automatic calibration checks
• Samples tested at 37°C and reported either at 25°C or 37°C
• Bench-mounted – the footprint is 570mm deep by 545mm wide
• Stand-alone or interfaced to a network (LIMS)
• Software runs on Windows PC (Windows 2000, Me, XP)
Calibration analysis available using Levey-Jennings computation

Viscometers of Choice for Monitoring all Inflammatory Conditions

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