BV-10 Microelectrode Beveler by Sutter Instrument Co.

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BV-10 Microelectrode Beveler
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Rating: 3.7

  • Application Area: Electrophysiology

"Older models tend to have interference issues between the microscope and electrode holder. A design flaw means that when the microscope hits the electrode holder, electrodes tend to break as a result."

Review date: 05 Dec 2012 | BV-10 Microelectrode Beveler
Elegant and simple to use, the BV-10 offers precision beveling of micropipette tips between 0.1 and 100µm. The unique abrasive plate drive system is vibration free for greater control of the beveling process. Beveling can be accomplished very rapidly and produces consistent tip diameters using the techniques as described by Brown and Flaming, Science, August 1974, Vol. 185.

Intracellular recording electrodes can benefit from beveling because of 1) a reduction in the tip diameter by creation of the sharp point on the electrode and 2) a lowered electrical resistance of the electrode due to the larger cross sectional area of the lumen. This greatly facilitates penetrating and holding very small or difficult cells. Microinjection needles also benefit from beveling by promoting entry into cells with minimal damage while at the same time enhancing the flow of material through the needle.


  • Vibration-free, magnetically coupled beveling surface.
  • Abrasive surface optically flat to a half wave (250nm).
  • Finest abrasive surface commercially available.
  • Synchronous clock motor insures stable rotation rate.
  • 7lb steel baseplate adds additional dampening.
  • Integrated halogen lamp.
  • Robust micromanipulator controls bevel angle and advancement.