Buffer Advisor Software - for ion-exchange chromatography

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Calculates pump time tables for ion-exchange chromatography with the Agilent 1260 Infinity Bio-inert Quaternary Pump

Buffer Advisor is an CDS-independent calculator software to significantly increase productivity and precision in ion-exchange chromatography. Buffer Advisor simplifies pH scouting dramatically by automating the preparation of buffers for IEX from stock solutions. It eliminates the need to prepare and titrate multiple buffer solutions for pH scouting studies by using just four stock solutions and the mixing capability of the bio-inert quaternary pump at a pH accuracy and precision better than 0.1 pH units.
  • Provides the foundation for automated mixing of acid, base, water and salt in IEX
  • Calculates the selected buffer concentration and pH, and highest accuracy
  • Suggests the most suitable stock solutions and provides recipes
  • Includes more than 50 different buffers. More than 20 are experimentally validated.
  • Is capable to correct automatically for pH shifts during salt gradients
  • Provides recipes for buffer preparation
  • Generates an xml file as output which can be easily imported into the method of the 1260
  • Infinity Bio-inert Quaternary Pump by a button implemented in the driver