BTPro Freeze Dryer by Biopharma Process Systems

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BTPro Freeze Dryer

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The Benchtop BTPro series is a range of compact, easy-to-use freeze dryers. Their flexibility and extensive range of options makes them easy to tailor to a specific product type or application but also makes them ideal for multi-purpose laboratories in research institutes or universities.

Single-button start-up activates all the operating parameters in the correct sequence, but the user-friendly control system allows manual programming as well if required. Condenser capacities range from 2 to 9 litres with condenser temperatures as low as -103°C for non-aqueous solvents. Packages of the most common setups are available complete with all fittings and connections.

BTPros are commonly used for applications as diverse as agrichemical research, biotechnology, food science, nanotechnology, materials science and pharmacology.