(disabled) BSC-SG403EN Safety Cabinet

Manufacturer B Medical Systems

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Proven containment technology
The Safety Cabinet is comfortable and easy to work in. It gives more space for your work, your equipment and you. Easy to clean and to maintain. Designed for sterile product preparations and biological experimentations.

Momentum Air Curtain increases protection without restricting access. Functional utilities with petcocks, valves and plumbing connections.

Balanced airflow and exhaust assure uniformity High velocity return air slots capture unfiltered air High visibility view screen with sash alarm.

• Workspace (H x W x D): 699 x 1168 x 511 mm
• Classified Class II, Type A2 cabinets
• UniPressure™ Preflow advanced filter plenum design
• Supply and exhaust filter performance
• Blower/Motor system helps extend filter life
• Easier on-site certification and testing
• Optional ultraviolet lamp includes safety interlock
• Electrical system offers safety and convenience
• Negative Pressure Double Wall Plenums

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(disabled) BSC-SG403EN Safety Cabinet

Manufacturer B Medical Systems

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