Bruker AXS X-ray Fluorescence XRF Spectrometry

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Rating: 3.3

  • Application Area: Polymer analysis for PE & Polypropylene

"It is very reliable and easy to handle equipment, and multi samples can bed analyzed which saves our time, quality and reliability."

Review date: 04 Sep 2015 | Bruker AXS X-ray Fluorescence XRF Spectrometry
Our Spectrometry Solutions ensure nondestructive and environmentally clean and safe multi-element analyses for Process and Quality Control or in Research and Development.

- Beryllium to Uranium
- Sub ppm to 100 %
- Precalibrated for standardless XRF analysis
- High accuracy and presicion
- Metallic and nonmetallic samples, powders and liquids
- Simple fast sample preparation

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