Bruker AXS Single Crystal Diffraction

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Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction (X-ray Crystallography) is an analytical technique for applications in which X-rays are employed to determine with certainty the actual arrangement of atoms within a crystalline specimen. X-ray crystallographic systems generally include dedicated computers with associated hardware and software for instrument control, data reduction, solution and refinement of molecular structures, and display and plotting of final results.

X8 APEX - 'Dream machine' combination of most sensitive APEX detector and most flexible kappa goniostat, for chemical crystallography
X8 PROTEUM - 'Dream machine' combination of most sensitive copper CCD detector with most flexible kappa goniostat, for biological macromolecules
BruNo - Robotic sample handling of cryocooled single crystals

Mach3 - Complete kappa goniometer single crystal diffraction system, with X-ray source and scintillation detector
P4 - Eulerian cradle diffractometer which can be upgraded with a SMART CCD
SMART APEX - laboratory system with high precision 3-axis goniometer and CCD featuring 4K CCD with 1:1 imaging for Chemical Crystallography
KappaCCD - Kappa goniometer system with 90 mm diagonal CCD detector, for Chemical Crystallography
Kappa2000 CCD - Kappa goniometer with 135 mm diagonal CCD detector, high brilliance optics and rotating anode generator, for Biological Crystallography
PROTEUM R - System for biological crystallography with very sensitive CCD, high brilliance optics and rotating anode generator