Bruker AXS General X-ray Diffraction Product Line

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The best invention of the century
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Chemical Crystallography

"I have been using Bruker APEX II QUAZAR three-circle X-ray diffractometer integrated with microfocus X-ray source for 10 years. I think that it is the best device in the field of atomic structure solution and refinement of crystalline compounds., which is especially between small crystals 10-100 uM. Device is giving reproducible results whenever I use it. I can definitely say that the device is user friendly. It would be helpful for others to know. I would strongly recommend this device to researcher working in the field. "

Review date: 21 Dec 2016 | Bruker AXS General X-ray Diffraction Product Line
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  • Member since: 2016

  • Organization: Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, Okinawa, Japan

  • Ease of use
    4 out of 5
    After sales service
    4 out of 5
    Value for money
    4 out of 5
Produces high quality results
Rating: 4.0

  • Application Area:Material science

"Very efficient, fast, accurate, user friendly and produces high quality results."

Review date: 04 Aug 2016 | Bruker AXS General X-ray Diffraction Product Line

X-ray diffraction (XRD) is the most important non-destructive tool to analyze all kinds of matter ranging from fluids, to powders, to perfect crystals. For research, basic material supplying, production, and engineering, XRD is an indispensible method for materials characterization and quality control.

Our solutions cover the fields of:

Phase Analysis
Thin Film Characterization
Texture and Residual Stress Investigation
Controlled Sample Environment
Lab and Process Automation
Combinatorial Screening
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