Brownlee Precision 440 - High Performance Four-channel Amplifier & Signal Conditioner

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In addition to the Model 410 amplifier's features, the Model 440 offers an 8-pole Bessel lowpass filter, auto-zeroing, a line notch filter, highpass filter, multiple memories per channel, and a digital voltmeter on 2 channels. A wide bandwidth of over 500 kHz at all gains insures smooth recordings.

The Brownlee Precision Model 440 incorporates four channels of sophisticated amplifier and filter circuitry in a friendly easy-to-use instrument. Each channel consists of a high gain/low noise amplifier, an 8-pole Bessel lowpass filter, a highpass filter, a line notch filter, and output offset controls. A control knob sets the amplifier parameters and the values are displayed on a bright LED alphanumeric readout.

* Clear front panel controls for all settings
* Gains from 0.1 to 10,000 in fine, calibrated steps
* Single-ended or differential inputs
* 8 pole Bessel lowpass filter with range 20 Hz to 50 kHz
* Highpass filter with frequency range .01 Hz to 100 Hz
* Output offset control to shift output up to ±10 Volts
* Auto-zero feature to reset the output to the baseline level
* Notch filter to suppress line noise
* Digital Voltmeter on channels 1 and 2
* Memories which hold multiple setups
* Powerful output which can directly drive transducers
* Wide bandwidth: greater than 500 kHz on all gains

Please note your country's line (mains) voltage.

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Brownlee Precision 440 - High Performance Four-channel Amplifier & Signal Conditioner

Manufacturer AutoMate Scientific Inc.

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