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Brooks ABF

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The Brooks ABF™ automates the processing of centrifuged whole blood samples by separating plasma, buffy coat and red blood cells. The Brooks ABF is more than a liquid handler with a vision system; it’s a complete solution for blood fractionation that provides a controlled environment, process validation and full audit trail. With the Brooks ABF, you can process unique blood samples with confidence that sample integrity will be preserved and your staff’s health will be protected.

Key Features
• Processing within temperature controlled +4⁰C cabinet - provides optimum sample integrity
• Interlocked, HEPA filtered enclosure – provides operator protection and allows full “chain of custody”
• Fully automated process - reduced health risks, elimination of repetitive strain injuries, improved repeatability and more motivated staff
• Push to run functionality via touch screen interface – user can select from a number of predefined protocols (with optional protocol verification) ensuring all sample batches processed identically; data written to Oracle database with defined LIMS interface.