Broad Portfolio of Reagents for Cell Based Imaging Assays by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Broad Portfolio of Reagents for Cell Based Imaging Assays by Thermo Fisher Scientific product image
Broad Portfolio of Reagents for Cell Based Imaging Assays
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Cellomics High-content Reagents are also fully compatible with all fluorescence-based HCS and HCA platforms and conventional fluorescence microscopy. The easy-to-use reagents simplify and streamline preparation of quality samples for automated cell-based imaging assays. The reagents are designed for a specific biology and are rigorously validated and optimized for quality and ease-of-use in HCS/HCA. The reagents make use of the appropriate fluorescent stains, target-specific antibodies and the superior brightness and photostability of Thermo Scientific DyLight Fluorophores. Multiplexed reagents are carefully selected and tested to account for the distinct spectral characteristics of the respective fluorophores, minimal antibody cross-reactivity and maximum target sensitivity to achieve high emission of light (brightness) while minimizing background autofluorescence and nonspecific cross-talk. The result is the highest possible sensitivity, specificity and signal-to-noise ratios, which translate into the high level of information recovery by the ArrayScan*VTI, CellInsight* personal image cytometer and BioApplication Software Modules.

Even if you do not have access to automated High-content instrumentation and analysis software, you can be confident that the high standards met by the Cellomics Reagents also mean that they will provide the best possible imaging with standard fluorescence microscopes. Whether your research is in cancer, toxicology, neurobiology, immunology or general cell biology, there's an Cellomics Reagent and Assay protocol that can carry your research forward.


  • Flexibility for your biology and your lab's needs ◦Complete sets of reagents and optimized protocols for each assay
  • You can purchase all components or pick and choose from the fluorescent staining reagents, antibodies and buffers necessary to perform the assay
  • Instruction booklet with validated protocols, images, representative quantitative data and complete assay conditions
  • Superior probes developed using DyLight* Fluorescent Labeling Reagents

Robust performance:

  • Validated with ArrayScan Instruments and BioApplication Software
  • Quantitatively validated for correct target-specific biology using Z' factor and statistical significance

Compatible with any fluorescence HCS/HCA platform and standard fluorescence microscopy:

  • Standard filter sets can detect the blue, green, orange and red fluorescence
  • Available in validated single- and multiplexed configurations
  • Customized components and special pricing for bulk quantities available