P3SH122R Focus Motor by Prior Scientific

Manufacturer Prior Scientific  |   Model: PS3H122R  |  Available Worldwide
Focus motor for automated focussing

P3SH122R Focus Motor by Prior Scientific product image
P3SH122R Focus Motor

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Prior’s focus drive is compatible with almost all commonly used microscopes and can be used for precision focussing, Z-stacking and 3D reconstruction, as well as providing exceptionally fine control of focussing via a joystick or computer as part of an integrated microscopy control system, providing convenience and comfort in addition to precision.

The motor offers adjustable step sizes as low as 0.002 um and can be driven at up to 20 revolutions per second. It can be controlled by both the OptiScan® and ProScan® control systems and as such can be used within a wide variety of imaging software. Z encoders and microscope specific direct coupling kits are also available to increase the accuracy of this device still further.



  • Adjustable step sizes (as small as 0.002 um)
  • Maximum speed of 20 revolutions per second