Breadboard 23" x 35" 75 Series by AutoMate Scientific Inc.

Breadboard 23
Breadboard 23" x 35" 75 Series
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Another in a long line of TMC innovations, the 75 Series Breadboards minimize both weight and cost. A patented manufacturing technique allows us to form countersunk, tapped holes in a thin top skin of stainless steel. The holes are not drilled or punched, but fabricated in a way that effectively “thickens” the skin in a small ring around the threads. No inserts are used and the tapped holes are 3 threads deep.

These tops have relatively high levels of rigidity, as they utilize our standard steel core. They are ideal when light loads are anticipated and low weight and/or cost are the most crucial factors.


• Ultra-lightweight design weighs less than 9 lbs/ft2 (44 kg/m2).

• Ferromagnetic Stainless steel top and bottom skins. 

• Aluminum and carbon steel versions available. 

• Very low prices, even in low quantity. 

• Formed holes are countersunk and tapped 3 threads. 

• Formed holes in top skin add to rigidity.

• CleanTop® individual cups under each hole make the core spillproof.