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A complete premium-quality line – for every application!

The new 96-, 384- and 1536-well microplates from BRAND are available in a wide variety of bottom shapes (U-/V-/F-/C-bottom) and materials (transparent, white or black). Specific surface treatment results in 8 different surface types to fulfill the needs of a broad range of cell culture-, immunology- and standard applications.

The new BRANDplates® are manufactured under clean room conditions according to ISO 14644-1 class 5 to 8, are tested in independent accredited laboratories and can be used for the most demanding tasks.

BRANDplates® are available in 8 different surface types:

■ Non-treated surfaces;
pureGradeTM, pureGradeTM S

■ Immunological surfaces;
immunoGradeTM, hydroGradeTM, lipoGradeTM

■ Cell culture surfaces;
cellGradeTM, cellGradeTM plus, cellGradeTM premium

Plates are alphanumerically labelled, stackable and compatible with most standard readers and washers. They meet the standards ANSI/SBS 1 through 4-2004.

Standard microplates with 96-wells bear a colored alphanumeric code identifying the surface type (Color-code for tissue culture plates: orange, for immuno plates: blue, for non-treated plates: grey). White plates provide maximum reflection and minimum crosstalk during luminescence measurements, black plates provide minimum back light scatter during fluorescence analyses.

BRANDplates® are non cytotoxic according to ISO 10993, free of endotoxins (< 0.01 EU/ml), and free of DNA, DNase and RNase. Sterile Products comply with ISO 11137 and AAMI guidelines, a SAL of 10-6 is reached. Sterile plates are supplied individually wrapped with lid.