Brain Slice Chamber-2: Interface by AutoMate Scientific Inc.

Brain Slice Chamber-2:  Interface by AutoMate Scientific Inc. product image
Brain Slice Chamber-2: Interface
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* "Interface" method of slice maintenance
* Dual feed channels for perfusion solution
* Use entire surface for multiple slices or templates
* Single and dual well templates, other designs available upon request
* Single well template has provision for temperature probe and ground wire
* Proportional temperature controller (PTC03) with low noise performance used for heating - available separately

This slice recording chamber is designed to maintain isolated, living tissues in vitro in "interface" mode and allow stable electrophysiological recordings to be made from the preparation. The temperature is controlled by a proportional control heating unit (PTC03). Please order this item separately.

The chamber lower section is similar to the BSC-1 for temperature control and oxygenation. Pre-oxygenated medium enters the main body of the chamber through two separate lines. These are fine bore PTFE tubes which spiral in the heated distilled water in the lower part of the chamber and enter the upper part of the chamber. Here any bubbles in the line break and allow perfusion fluid to flow smoothly towards the slices. Acrylic templates allow the option for use of a single well or two separate wells.

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