Brain Slice Chamber-1: Interface and Submerged

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The BSC1 chamber design is similar to the original "Oslo chamber" (Langmoen & Andersen 1981) with later modifications (Dhanjal & Sears 1980, Alger et al, 1984) to allow both interface and submerged methods of slice maintenance.

* "Submerged" and "Interface" methods of slice maintenance with same chamber

This chamber allows adaptation to either method of slice maintenance simply by altering the fluid level by means of a screw adjustment device on the chamber.

* Slices supported on removable insert adaptable to your requirements

A standard insert having a nylon net is supplied with the chamber for submerged and interface methods. This insert can be modified or custom-made to accommodate other preparations e.g. adult spinal cord (Dhanjal & Sears 1980, Alger et al, 1984) and Cerebellar slices (Crepel et al 1981).

* Optional "Sloped Insert" allows perfusion of slices with a small dead-space

* Proportional Temperature Controller (PTC03) with low noise performance
*Available separately.

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Brain Slice Chamber-1: Interface and Submerged

Manufacturer AutoMate Scientific Inc.

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