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Thermally Stable Polar Stationary Phase

BPX70 is a phase specifically designed to aid in the analysis of FAMEs no matter how simple or complex the mixture.

BPX70 utilizes the phase technology developed by SGE to enhance the performance of what would be, "just another cyanopropyl stationary phase".

The incorporation of the aromatic silphenylene group into the siloxane backbone provides many benefits. As the initials BP (Bonded Phase) imply, the stationary phase is crosslinked. The most obvious benefit of crosslinking is in allowing the column to be rinsed to remove contaminant material. Crosslinking also has a stabilizing effect on the film coating which, for high cyanopropyl content phases, can undergo break up at elevated temperatures.

  • Excellent separation of fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) geometric and positional isomers

  • Suitable for isomeric drug compounds and carbohydrates

  • Equivalent polarity to 70% cyanopropyl siloxane

  • Modified silphenylene siloxane backbone for high thermal stability

  • Low bleed

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Manufacturer SGE, Inc.

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