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At the heart of Borealis is the realization that standard CSU illumination with a single mode fibre does not fill the microlens-pinhole etendue. This means that more light can be squeezed through the device with the right optical design. Exploiting this fact and utilizing multi-mode fibres with high performance beam conditioning, it is possible to deliver, simultaneously, more light, with greater uniformity.

With the acquisition of Spectral Applied Research Inc., Andor now offers further enhancement in the optical performance of Revolution XD and 3rd party systems using Yokogawa’s CSU-10, 21, 22 and X1•1, 2. Spectral has raised laser illumination of spinning disk confocal to new levels with Borealis, delivering unparalleled uniformity and throughput for the CSU confocal scan heads.

Borealis also offers additional enhancements including: bellows attachment to the microscope, used with Andor’s XD tilt stage for optimal alignment; switchable field lens tubes to enhance imaging performance and at the same time adjust the effective pinhole size. Adaptation of the pinhole allows CSU to be used with lower magnification objectives, taking advantage of longer working distances.

Borealis Features:

  • Uniformity improvements of up to 10x - Resulting in 3-5% deviation (5% guaranteed)
  • Throughput improvements up to 3x - For some CSU models
  • Improved optical sectioning - Optical pinhole adaptation allows CSU to be used with lower magnification objectives
  • Extended wavelength range - (400-750 nm excitation) for deeper imaging
  • Enhanced laser coupling stability - Resulting from large diameter multi-mode fibres
  • Flexible bellows coupling - Improve Analysis For optimal, strain-free alignment with your microscope
  • Improve Analysis - Directly compare image intensities with high precision in single frame or montage
  • Fast Imaging - Borealis supports imaging up to 1 kHz