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Bond™ System
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The Bond system fully automates IHC and ISH staining. Each system consists of a central host computer, between one and five processing modules, and Bond reagents. Each processing module has a 30-slide capacity split into three independent trays for continuous processing. Dedicated Bond reagents include ready-to-use antibodies, Compact Polymer™ detection systems and a range of ancillaries. With complete automation and superior reagents, Bond delivers accelerated workflows and brilliant staining.

Key features include:

• Streamline your workflows and implement Lean Histology™ with continuous processing and full automation
• Simplify set up with Bond ready-to-use antibodies (no mixing, titration or dilution) 
• Increase antibody efficiency with Bond's high-sensitivity Compact Polymer™ detection systems 
• Expand your repertoire by utilizing the full range of Novocastra™ antibodies 
• Eliminate repeats and enjoy first-time quality with the Covertile™ staining environment 
• Get connected with a fully-featured LIS option 
• Utilize the growing range of ISH probes