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To what extent does your column use your HPLC system’s capabilities?

If you are working with HPLC columns with standard 5 µm or 3 µm particles, you are likely to miss an opportunity for higher performance in your applications. If you don’t own a UHPLC system, sub-2 µm column materials are not an option for you. This is where the KNAUER BlueShell® columns enable additional possibilities.

Compared to classical fully porous silica materials, BlueShell® particles consist of a solid core and a porous shell. The reduced depth of the outer porous layer limits the diffusional path of the analytes, leading to minimized mass transfer resistance and minimized peak broadening, while keeping the back pressure low.

KNAUER BlueShell® columns are available in two different particle sizes, designed for different types of users:
• 2.6 µm diameter for high speed and high resolution separations using modern fast HPLC and UHPLC systems
• 4.5 µm diameter (BlueShell® classic columns) for enhanced resolution and improved peak symmetry on standard HPLC systems. Back pressures are comparable to classic HPLC columns.

The 2.6 µm material with up to 200,000 plates/meter can even outperform some fully porous UHPLC materials and can also make your system last longer due to lower back pressure. Of course the achievable performance of these columns on a given HPLC system is affected e.g. by the system’s dead volume, type of flow cell, and data acquisition rate. Consequently best separation results require highly optimized systems such as the latest UHPLC instruments. Nevertheless, with BlueShell® columns you can be sure to get the most out of your HPLC system.

BlueShell® core-shell columns are very robust and pH stable due to advanced bonding technology. Available as C18, C18A, PFP, Phenyl-Hexyl, HILIC for the 2.6 µm phase and as C18 or C8 for the 4.5 µm phase, these columns enable a wide range of applications.
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