BluePippin Size Selection System

Manufacturer Sage Science

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The BluePippin is a preparative electrophoresis platform for collection of size-selected DNA or protein samples.

The system automates DNA or protein size selection using disposable, pre-cast agarose cassettes to extract fractions according to user-defined software input. Samples are electro-eluted from agarose and collected in buffer. The platform is used for the construction of next-gen sequencing libraries, or upstream of protein mass-spec.

For DNA applications, the BluePippin features pulsed-field electrophoresis to collect high molecular weight targets, and can collect fragments (depending on gel type) between 90 bp- 50kb. For protein, the system uses SDS-agarose to collect targets between 18-200kDa. In both cases, a higher quality of sample is extracted, and more reproducibly, when compared to manual gel purification methods.