BlueLine combination electrodes by Schott Instruments GmbH

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BlueLine combination electrodes
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Glass electrodes with DIN fixed cable

Patented Silamid® reference system eliminates corrosion and interference from silver/silver chloride ions.

Platinum diaphragm and free flow of electrolyte ensure excellent stability.

Laboratory work has never been easier with these new high-quality electrodes from Schott. Innovative design features a sliding gate that allows easy filling of electrolyte solution and seals it from the solution being measured. BlueLine electrodes feature fast adjustment of measured values and high mechanical stability. Operating range is 0 to 14 pH.

Electrode models 55503-00, -30, and -46 offer superior durability with a cone-shaped electrode tip that is rugged and easy to clean. BNC and DIN fixed cable eletrodes include a 3-ft (1-m) cable. Order cable 55503-50 with DIN connector or 55503-55 with BNC connector (sold separately) for use with electrodes with removable cable. 

ATC element is NTC 30 kW which is compatible with WTW meters.

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