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Blotting Membranes

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To fulfill multiple blotting requirements and experimental designs, Bio-Rad offers a convenient and comprehensive line of Blotting Membranes. All protein blotting membranes are sold in rolls or in precut sheets to fit the Trans-Blot electrophoretic transfer cell, the Trans-Blot SD cell, the Mini Trans-Blot cell, and the Mini-PROTEAN II multiscreen apparatus.

The Bio-Rad Blotting Membrane Range Includes
Immun-Blot® PVDF Membrane
Bio-Rad's Immun-Blot PVDF membrane is ideal for chemiluminescent and colorimetric western blots. This PVDF membrane retains target protein very strongly while reducing nonspecific protein binding.
Immun-Blot® Low Fluorescence PVDF Membrane
Bio-Rad’s low-fluorescence PVDF membrane is validated for fluorescent western blotting applications. The low autofluorescence of this membrane allows for longer exposure and higher sensitivity without increased background.
Sequi-Blot™ PVDF Membrane
Bio-Rad's Sequi-Blot PVDF membrane delivers outstanding performance in protein sequencing, providing the binding capacity to sequence even low-abundance samples.
Nitrocellulose Membrane
Bio-Rad nitrocellulose membrane is available with two different pore sizes, 0.2 µm and 0.45 µm. The 0.2 µm pore size is optimized for western, northern, and Southern blotting of nucleic acids and low molecular weight proteins whilst the 0.45 µm pore size is recommended for most analytical blotting including protein, ssDNA, and RNA transfers.
Supported Nitrocellulose Membrane, 0.45 µm
Made of pure nitrocellulose cast on an inert synthetic support, this 0.45 µm nitrocellulose membrane is a solid support for nucleic acid and protein applications that can withstand multiple reprobing.
Supported Nitrocellulose Membrane, 0.2 µm
This pure nitrocellulose 0.2 µm membrane backed by an inert synthetic support is ideal for nucleic acid and protein applications involving multiple reprobing.

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Blotting Membranes by Bio-Rad product image

Blotting Membranes

Manufacturer Bio-Rad

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