Immunodetection Reagents and Kits

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Bio-Rad offer a range of Immunodetection Reagents and Kits, for western blot applications. Both chemiluminescence and colorimetric kits are available in both AP and HRP formats. The Immun-Star™ family of products for chemiluminescent detection is optimized for use with CCD imagers.

Bio-Rad Immunodetection Reagents and Kits
• Clarity™ Western ECL Substrate
• Immun-Star™ AP Chemiluminescence Kits
• Immun-Blot® Opti-4CN™ Colorimetric Kits
• Immun-Blot® AP Colorimetric Kits
• HRP Conjugates
• Detergents and Blocking Reagents for Blotting