Blood Vessel Staining Kit by MilliporeSigma

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Blood Vessel Staining Kit
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Reagents and materials supplied in the Blood Vessel Staining Kit are sufficient for staining 100 tissue sections and when stored at 2-8C is stable up to the expiration date. ECM590 detects vWF and CD31 in human paraffin embedded tissues. In rat or mouse tissues only the vWF antibody is effective in paraffin; the CD31 antibody does not react with rodent CD31.

CHEMICON's Blood Vessel Staining Kit is a very sensitive immunohistochemical tool for the detection of vascular endothelial cells, containing both anti-von Willebrand Factor and anti-CD31 primary antibodies and is applicable to a variety of species. This immunoperoxidase kit provides a simple, all-in-one method for the staining of frozen and paraffin-embedded sections in human (both CD31 and VWF) or rat and mouse (VWF only) tissues

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