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Aurora’s ready-to-use nucleic acid extraction and isolation kits provide a simple, straight-forward solution. These extraction kits provide excellent sensitivity and specificity. These extraction kits have been optimized for use in automated liquid handling workstations but may also be used by scientists desiring manual protocols. By combining these DNA and RNA extraction kits with Aurora’s VERSA™ liquid handling workstations, laboratories can fully automate the nucleic acid extraction and isolation process thereby reducing cost and operator error, while increasing efficiency. Our kits provide easy solutions for a full range of nucleic acid isolation protocols, including plasmid DNA isolation, genomic DNA and RNA isolation, as well as DNA or RNA extraction clean up.
The Magnetic Binding Blood DNA kit, incorporating magnetic based beads, is designed for the purification of DNA from up to 200 μL of whole blood. It can be easily used in conjunction with automated purification protocols on robotic workstations supporting 96 well plates, including Aurora’s VERSA™ Liquid Handling Workstations. The AB96 Filter Column Binding Blood DNA Kit combines special filter column technology into a 96 well format plate. Up to 200 μL of healthy whole blood can be purified from each sample. This streamlined procedure and convenient high throughput design allows for 96 whole blood samples to be processed in under 1 hour. Aurora’s Magnetic Binding Blood Lysis kit combines centrifugation and magnetic beads to isolate DNA in 60 minutes from a 10 mL sample composed of whole blood, buffy coat, and cultured cells. First, lysis buffer is added, releasing nuclei from the red blood cells. After a quick centrifugation step, the supernatant is discarded and the cell nuclei are re-suspended and processed for DNA isolation, at which point binding, washing and eluting occurs. High molecular weight genomic DNA is eluted as the end product.