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BLItz System

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The BLItz™ system is the perfect starter instrument for any lab, with a price that everyone can afford.

Designed just for small experiments, its single-sample format makes assays easy to set up and run. Even if you're new to label-free assays, you'll be on your way to getting information-rich, real-time data in no time.

BLItz™ is a personal assay system, letting you do label-free analysis right at your bench—no core lab necessary. You can easily test column fractions for presence of your protein of interest, check protein activity before starting a complex experiment, characterize proteins in cell lysates in their folded state or monitor protein expression. BLItz gives you results in a just a few seconds or minutes—not the hours it takes with gels, blots or other methods.

BLItz system Features & Benefits:

  • Stop waiting on results — check for the presence of proteins in media or lysate in 30 seconds.
  • Get way more than A280 — quantitate specific and active proteins in solution, not just total protein.
  • Optimize with purpose — get more insight into specific assay conditions for more robust ELISAs.
  • Troubleshoot your immunoassays faster — check antibody binding and biotinylation to account for variation.
  • Watch your binding live — characterize protein interactions and determine rate constants at a fraction of the price of other methods.