blackPREP Tick DNA/RNA Kit

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blackPREP Tick DNA/RNA Kit

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Rating: 4.0

  • Application Area: Molecular Epidemiology

"This product works well for both RNA and DNA. But there are some minor problems. For example, the volume of elution should adjust according to size of tick for both RNA and DNA. Further, you should try with more tick genus and species especially with highly chitinised ones. This kit can be enhanced adding specific cDNA synthesis kit, because ticks have many inhibitors. Also, you should increase amount of tubes and the white pen for black tubes in kit can be fine-tipped."

Review date: 24 Oct 2014 | blackPREP Tick DNA/RNA Kit
The blackPREP Tick DNA/RNA Kit allows researchers to simultaneously isolate DNA and RNA from ticks.

This is of particular interest when testing ticks for RNA viruses (such as TBE or FSME) in addition to bacterial pathogens. The kit contains application-specific Lysis Tubes, including beads that have been optimized (in terms of their characteristics and quantity) specifically for homogenizing ticks. Following a subsequent lysis process, the DNA is bound to one filter membrane and the RNA is bound to another. The nucleic acids are then washed and eluted into separate reaction vessels. Analytik Jena’s rapidSTRIPE assays can then be used in later applications as fast, uncomplicated tools for detecting nucleic acids from tick-borne pathogens. These ready-to-use assays can be used as highly specific tools for detecting FSME, Borrelia, Rickettsia, Anaplasma and Babesia, among other pathogens.

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blackPREP Tick DNA/RNA Kit

Manufacturer Analytik Jena Life Science

4.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews