Biotools 2.2 by Bruker Daltonics

Manufacturer Bruker Daltonics

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Biotools 2.2

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As a central component in the proteomics-related hardware and software suite from Bruker Daltonics, BioTools 2.2 provides an unprecedented support to mass spectrometry-based proteomics and protein analysis.

The 2.0 release has gained a new level of functionality, offering:

Automated protein identification via library search
Automated, user-defined routines manage the analysis of large numbers of mass fingerprints.

  • Protein identification as batch process using MALDI-TOF fingerprint, PSD and complete LC-MS/MS data.
  • Search result judgement by Fuzzy Logic.
  • Batch result reporting, including visualization of MALDI-TOF results in
  • MTP viewer format.
  • De novo sequencing support.

Detailed structural characterization of selected proteins
Interactive analysis tools help you extract in-depth structural information from mass spectra.

  • Seamless link of MS and MS/MS spectra and web-based library searches.
  • Automatic MS and MS/MS spectra annotation based on protein sequences.
  • Sequence handling with full support of cross-links and modifications.
  • Screening tools for post-translational modifications (PTMs).
  • Fine-structure characterization of proteins