BioTite™ Leak Proof Containers by Alpha Laboratories Ltd

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BioTite™ Leak Proof Containers

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BioTite™ Specimen Containers are leakproof by design and are ideal for pneumatic transport systems.

Please read on to find out just how this superior container can protect both you and your samples.

  1. BioTite™ containers are stackable and are therefore suitable for automation.
  2. The seal enhancer makes BioTite™ containers particularly suitable for rough transport and can also be used in pneumatic systems.  A pressure differential actually enhances the seal.
  3. A substantial gripping knurl on both the cap and also the base of the vial gives you an easy and secure grip even when wearing gloves.
  4. The super-positive seal engages in the last 12 degrees of turn, so you can really feel the seal engage!
  5. An innovative double pick-up thread prevents cross threading and so ensures positive closure every time.
  6. The unique reinforcement ring strengthens the vial side-wall, thus preventing squeeze-related leakage.
  7. Specially toughened materials give you maximum strength.
  8. Each vial also has easy to read volume graduations so you can readily estimate sample volume.