Biotage Initiator™ Eight by Biotage

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Biotage Initiator™ Eight

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NEW! Biotage Initiator™ Eight Microwave Synthesizer — is the newest addition to the Initiator™ family, designed to provide medicinal chemists with the level of automation they need when performing microwave-assisted synthesis.

Chemists can perform reactions on a milligram scale and scale-up intermediates on the gram scale, in a single experimental setup with the automation needed for rapid reaction optimization and analog synthesis eliminating the hassle of waiting to switch vials manually.

Initiator™ Eight is available in both standard and EXP formats, capable of processing eight vials in sequence for volumes of 0.2-5 mL and four vials of 10-20 mL (EXP only).

All Initiator systems offer “best-in-class” safety lock.