Biotage® SNAP Ultra - Spherical silica flash chromatography cartridges

Manufacturer Biotage

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The highest purification performance

Biotage SNAP Ultra flash chromatography cartridges deliver the highest purification performance available industry leading peak resolution, universal plug and play compatibility, and low back pressures all from the company that defined modern flash chromatography.

Advantages of the SNAP Ultra flash chromatography cartridges: 
•  Biotage HP-Sphere™ spherical silica with 40% more surface area delivers the highest sample loading available to reduce purification costs
•   Spherical 25 µm particles deliver the best peak resolution and highest concentration fractions reducing solvent evaporation time
•   Removable cap provides internal sample loading, both liquid and dry to improve purification performance
•   Samplet® cartridge compatibility to pre-concentrate and eliminate solvent dissolution
•   Fast flow rates in all types of viscous solvents with spherical media
•   Medical-grade polypropylene reduces leachables that can contaminate purified compounds
•   Individually lot numbered for traceability
•   Designed to be the perfect complement to Biotage Isolera™ flash chromatography systems
•   Universal fit onto all flash systems with Luer inlet and outlet connections