BioSpectrum® Imaging System

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BioSpectrum® Imaging System
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The Power of One BioImaging System for Life Science Research. Detection and analysis of chemiluminescent protein blots is possible with the BioSpectrum Imaging System from UVP. The system uses a more

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Su Jin Lee


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Review date: 07 Jun 2011

BioSpectrum® Imaging System

"UVP offer the system with the better specifications amongst others in the same category."



The Power of One BioImaging System for Life Science Research.

Detection and analysis of chemiluminescent protein blots is possible with the BioSpectrum Imaging System from UVP. The system uses a cooled CCD with high sensitivity, high resolution and high dynamic range resulting in images that are both quantitative and publication ready. The camera is sensitive to weak signals while accurately detecting brighter signals without saturation. Sequential capture is possible for acquisition of a series of images at specific times and then selection of the best image. The system's darkroom is light tight which creates the optimum conditions for image capture. For imaging of stained protein gels requiring lighting, the system includes UV and white light transillumination sources.

The BioSpectrum is equipped with VisionWorksLS software to perform extensive analysis functions including 1D and area density. The 1D tool detects lanes and bands while area density function enables analysis of protein blots and permits users to quickly determine the relative intensities of the blots. The area density tool can be used to carry out precise quantitative calculations on the regions of interest in the image. It provides the flexibility to carry out calculations based on optical density as well as grey levels.

Additionally, users can calibrate the amount of sample loaded in each spot. Calibration curves, spatial calibration and area density display options can also be selected. It is possible to determine the area density of more than one band or region of interest in a single image.

The BioSpectrum System features:

  • Selection of CCD cameras including deeply cooled cameras
  • User-defined and pre-set capture buttons to automate research
  • Light-tight darkroom with software-automated controls
  • Epi UV and white light
  • Transillumination UV and white light
  • Chemi tray for placement of blots
  • Five-position filter wheel with three emission filters included
  • VisionWorksLS software with extensive image capture, enhancement and quantitative analysis functions
  • BioLite MultiSpectral Light Source can be added for multiplex and NIR imaging


  • Chemiluminescence Imaging
  • Western Blot
  • Multiplex Fluorescent Western Blots
  • Plant Imaging
  • Fluorescence Imaging
  • Colorimetric Imaging
  • 2D Gels Imaging
  • GFP Imaging


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