BioSpec-nano Micro-Volume UV Spectrophotometer

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Shimadzu’s BioSpec-nano spectrophotometer is a low-maintenance micro-volume spectrophotometer designed for the modern life science laboratory. Its easy-to-use design and superior detection limits, up to 10 times better compared to the competition, make it the perfect instrument for quantitation of DNA, RNA, protein analysis, and photometric measurements.

The BioSpec-nano features:

  • Ultra-small sample volumes (1µL to 2µL samples)
  • Unique sample removal mechanism to reduce cross-contamination
  • Rapid analysis times – Easy sample mounting and automated cleaning enable a rapid 3 second analysis time and a 10 second cycle time between samples
  • Photometric analysis (up to 8 wavelengths)
  • Dedicated software – Allows ease of quantitation of DS/SS DNA and labeled/unlabeled proteins