BioSorter® Large Particle Flow Cytometer

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The BioSorter is a large particle flow cytometer designed to analyze, sort and dispense biological materials and other objects ranging in size from 10 to 1500 microns in diameter. The system is designed to handle objects which are too large or too fragile for traditional flow cytometers. Examples include small multicellular model organisms, delicate large cells / cell clusters, small seeds and beads used as microcarriers or for combinatorial libraries.

The BioSorter can be configured to accommodate the full 10 to 1500 micron range in four steps, each with a specially engineered Fluidics and Optics Core Assembly optimized for a particular size range. An operator can easily switch between these different modules to maximize sensitivity and speed for any given sample type.

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BioSorter® Large Particle Flow Cytometer

Manufacturer Union Biometrica, Inc.

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