BioShake Series – High-Speed Mixer and Thermal Mixer

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The BioShake series turns the traditional way of thinking up-side down in the laboratories and defines the requirements to a lab mixer completely new.

Due to a permanently increase of demand now the common thermal mixer has to face high expectations, regarding the reduction of sample amounts and a growing number of wells inside the microplates. The BioShake series meets exactly the pulse of the time: the devices are mixing within shortest time, offer simple handling, impressive comfort and maximal safety - amenities, which were so far unknown. In contrast, their space requirements and price are minimal. The integrated 3D-Shake-Control and Anti-Vibration technology allow a very precise and efficient mixing on even the smallest lab bench. Time-consuming centrifugation steps after mixing can be avoided. Disturbing factors, like vibrations and loud noises are problems of the past.