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Thermo Scientific* Bioservative is a patented universal preservative that stabilizes microbiological samples for use in qualitative and quantitative assays without refrigeration for 7-26 days.
Organizations performing microbiological sampling and analysis will benefit from using this product by allowing a longer time for analysis and eliminating the need for cold transportation resulting in a reduction of transportation costs by 20%-30%
  • Non-hazardous aqueous additive
  • Add to any sample type or matrix
  • No special storage or handling
  • Eliminate cold transportation—cell viability for 7 days, and molecular stability for 14-26 days
  • Stablizes samples—prevents overgrowth and lysis, normalizes pH
  • Reduces damage to targets and cells during freezing/long term storage

Ideal for customers that need to:

  • Preserve and stablize Nucleic Acids
  • Maintain cell viability
  • Quantify populations in-situ
  • Neutralize amplification inhibitor