BioScope Catalyst™ BioAFM by Bruker

Manufacturer Bruker

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BioScope Catalyst™ BioAFM
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The BioScope Catalyst™ BioAFM is designed specifically to best answer the unique requirements of biologists, biophysicists, and bioengineers.

It combines top AFM performance with unprecedented simplicity for research applications where tight integration of AFM with light microscopy is enabling tomorrow’s new discoveries.

The Catalyst incorporates all of Bruker's latest PeakForce Tapping™ innovations, including the new Nanomechanics Package, which significantly expands BioAFM applications in mechanobiology research and expands support for a lower modulus range covering live cells and tissues. With its open-access design, integration software, and bio-friendly features and accessories, the Bioscope Catalyst is the most integrated and easiest to use life science AFM available.

BioScope Catalyst™ BioAFM Features:

  • Feedback-controlled sinusoidal drive uniquely enables ultralow force imaging, <50pN, to protect soft samples
  • Direct tip-sample control eliminates set point drift for incredibly stable imaging at constant force over long periods
  • Quantitative mapping of nanomechanical properties delivers faster and higher resolution than force-volume-based mapping modes of the past
  • New PeakForce Capture™ feature enables the capture and analysis of force curves at each pixel
  • Revolutionary PeakForce QNM® mode characterizes biological samples with legacy force-volume mapping and single force curves
  • Complete analysis tools obtain quantitative results using all force modes
  • ScanAsyst frees users from restrictive probe selections and complicated “cantilever tunes”
  • ScanAsyst achieves expert-quality results using automatic imaging parameter optimization