Bioscope Catalyst Atomic Force Microscope

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VEECO Instruments Inc.

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The BioScope™ Catalyst™ Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) with ScanAsyst™ provides uncompromised high-resolution optical imaging capability and thermally limited force measurements and features numerous hardware and software features that make it easier than ever to realize the unique benefits of combining atomic force microscopy and light microscopy. Veeco's exclusive Microscope Image Registration and Overlay (MIRO™) feature automatically imports and rescales light microscope images, allowing them to be used to direct the location of AFM imaging and force measurements, and the Perfusing Stage Incubator accessory maintains ideal cell culture conditions for long-duration live cell studies. With its open-access design, unique integration software, and bio-friendly features and accessories, the BioScope Catalyst is the highest performance, most completely integrated, easiest to use life science AFM available on the market today.